Trees That Count

Trees That Count is building New Zealand’s community marketplace for native tree planting. This is part of an ambitious plan to create a movement where Kiwis unite to help restore and enhance the environment, encourage biodiversity, help clean the air and waterways and make a difference to climate change in New Zealand by planting native trees.

Individuals and groups all over New Zealand are adding to our live tree-count, which in time will be used to measure the collective impact of the work that Kiwis do for the environment. With the support of our partners and public generosity from our gifting or donation programmes, we've worked with 37 groups to fund more than 100,000 native trees so far. Through these projects we are building partnerships, establishing monitoring systems, and working across a range of ecosystem and land ownership types. For us and our sponsors, it’s all about enabling more native trees to be planted.

More than 11 million trees have been added to our tree count since we launched, but we know that in order to make a meaningful contribution to New Zealand’s environment, and to begin to reverse our carbon emissions, we need to not just count trees but significantly increase native tree planting. As Trees That Count’s marketplace is developed, we’ll be matching tree funders with planting projects in an effort to substantially increase the levels of native tree planting in New Zealand.  We’re looking for long term, tree funding partners who care about New Zealand, about restoring and enhancing our natural environment, about biodiversity and about our future. We’re convinced this project has the potential to be a game changer for climate change reduction in New Zealand.