Energy Group

The Energy Group helps fast-track energy reduction in the business community, by encouraging collaborations and shared information and learning.

The group's aim is to significantly increase carbon reduction activities, by improving energy efficiencies and promoting the switch to renewable energy sources.

It does this by:

  • harnessing the challenges and successes of existing energy projects, which will help others fast-track their journey.
  • creating an environment of diverse thinking to help overcome problems and challenges in new and existing projects.

The group is co-led by Chris Thurston from EECA, Lee Bint from BRANZ and Matthew Raeburn from EY. It is made up of large energy-using companies.

Work to date

Sprintshops – A pilot series of energy reduction workshops are being hosted at strategic sites across New Zealand. These sessions will see companies share their insights and support one another to adopt best practice.

National survey – Energy efficiency or energy management were the most common reduction activities, according to respondents to a BusinessNZ, SBC and Major Companies Group member survey. Many were able to point to company initiatives that had direct cost savings.

Energy Efficiency And Conservation Authority (EECA) -  Is a critical support for businesses undertaking work to reduce their energy use. The government agency provides advice and expertise to help businesses accelerate energy efficiencies, with comprehensive multi-year energy management programmes.

Members of the Energy Group discuss projects that help businesses reduce their energy use.