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BRANZ is an independent and impartial research, testing and consulting organisation inspiring the building and construction industry to provide better buildings for New Zealanders.
We achieve this by transforming insightful research into accessible actionable knowledge.

We have four operational business units:

  • Levy Stewardship: Ensuring New Zealand gets the greatest benefits possible from the Building Research Levy.
  • Research and Knowledge Dissemination: Applying BRANZ's industry leading expertise to produce accessible knowledge for the industry
  • Consultancy Services: Developing enduring relationships with clients to help them achieve benefits over the long term.
  • Corporate Services: Delivery of internal systems and information for the wider business to perform effectively

How we are funded

Funding for BRANZ comes from three main sources:

  • industry funding via the Building Research Levy
  • the Ministry of Science and Innovation
  • revenues generated through commercially contracted research projects for private, government and international clients.

The Building Research Levy funds a continuous programme of research and information transfer activities for the benefit and education of the building and construction industry, and funds activities such as Build magazine, specific research projects, seminars, technical advice helpline and material testing projects.

Commercial income is generated through commercial activities such as the testing and appraisals of products, the sale of publications and the provision of educational information and professional development activities. This work on behalf of governmental, institutional and commercial entities keeps BRANZ in direct contact with the construction industry, ensuring that what we do remains relevant to the industry and that BRANZ processes are commercially competitive.

Our customers

Our customers are located in New Zealand, Australia and around the world - we aim to provide them with innovative and value-for-money research-based solutions, helping to create a better built environment through publicationsseminar and training services, contract researchproduct appraisal, and material and fire testing.

We undertake commercially contracted work for clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region, including Malaysia, China, Australia and other areas.

Who and where we are

We have around 100 highly trained specialist staff located in Wellington and Hamilton.

The main BRANZ site at Judgeford, Wellington, covers five hectares and contains laboratories, testing facilities and exposure sites to meet national and international standards.

BRANZ in AustraliaBRANZ is a registered testing authority, in terms of Part 1 of the Building Code of Australia, as a consequence of the IANZ Accreditation that we hold for fire, thermal and weather penetration testing. This has helped to ensure that BRANZ maintains its significant market share in these testing segments.