Report on Progress

Step 2

Report on progress towards the organisation's target

There are several ways businesses can report on their emissions profiles and performance against targets publicly.

The information can be used in your Annual Report or in your report to investors or other stakeholders.

Many companies seek an independent third-party audit if they want to disclose their carbon footprint externally, which gives them confidence that they can rely on the data.

This assurance can also be provided by certified emissions measurement, reduction and offsetting programmes, such as CEMARS® and carboNZeroCertTM. You can access the carbon inventories and emission reduction plans of CEMARS® and carboNZeroCertTM certified organisations here.

International standards for reporting emissions include ISO 14064-1 and the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard. Emissions data can be entered into international platforms such as the Carbon Disclosure Project.

The Ministry for the Environment’s Emissions Tracker contains historical greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 to the latest reported year. It currently provides both net and gross emissions by sector.