The Climate Action Groups have agreed to a collective vision statement, which will help unite their activities.

These commitments are consistent with a sub-set of the global We Mean Business Coalition commitments.

By 2020, organisations in New Zealand will be collaborating on individual and collective action, which will create a pathway to achieve less than 2°C warming. This will help build momentum towards a low emissions future.

Participating organisations will:

1. Set emissions reduction targets that, at a minimum, align with New Zealand’s nationally determined contribution under the Paris Agreement (30% reduction by 2030 vs 2005).

2. Report on progress towards the organisation’s target(s).

3. Collaborate with others, sharing learnings and best practices on emissions reduction activities.

4. Encourage other organisations to be part of the movement.

If your organisation is starting on the journey, these four steps are a good place to start:

Step 1:

Set Targets

Step 2:

Report On Progress

Step 3:


Step 4:

Encourage Others