The Platform for Action on Climate and Emissions is a collaborative initiative, aiming to help New Zealand transition to a low emissions economy as soon as possible.

The platform's vision is to see New Zealand organisations take individual and collective actions by 2020, which will help keep global warming within 2°C.

The organisations involved in the Platform for Action on Climate and Emissions (PACE) have committed to:

  1. Set emissions reduction targets that, at a minimum, align with New Zealand's national target under the Paris Agreement (30% by 2030 vs 2005 levels)
  2. Report on progress toward each organisations' target
  3. Collaborate with others and share learnings, as well as best practices, on emissions reduction activities. This could target key opportunity areas such as low carbon transport, energy management and working with supply chains
  4. Encourage other organisations to be part of the movement

PACE organisations are working together on different carbon reduction projects in critical areas.

PACE seeks to provide a structure and framework for more businesses and organisations to connect and become involved.